Market Segmentation

The Advertisers can select cinema halls according to the market they wish to approach. It's a controlled medium in terms of Advertising in specific markets & even in a specific market a particular locality/area, which is not the case with Electronic Media (Satellite Television), wherein, if a product/brand is not available, still the Ad. reaches the masses with no effect.

Greater Impact

And of course, no doubting the impact of a Ad. film being screened on a Mega screen is more long lasting & result oriented on a viewer's mindset compared to Ad. 's shown on satellite channels which are viewed on television set's of normally 21 inches.


Due to the increase in the number of satellite channel's, the viewer ship ratio has gone down considerably, & has made almost compulsory for a brand/product to be advertised on all major/important channel's thereby increasing the overall Advertisement budget; whereas Cinema Advertising is still cost effective & much cheaper.

Mass Appeal

It appeals to both literate & illiterate people of all age groups & social classes. It removes language barrier. In a cinema hall the viewer's, are compelled to see the Advertisement, being shown on the screen, since there is no option of not seeing once seated; whereas in one's home or public place, if the Ad. is being shown on television, the viewer's may be involved in some household work or may be surfing channels & in the bargain the Ad. 's are not viewed or skipped intentionally/unintentionally. (Case Study)

Cost Effectiveness

Compared to any other Audio Visual Medium, it's still the cheapest medium of Advertising through Ad. Films & Slides Exhibition.


This medium has long history in India. Cinema is India's most popular form of entertainment. It inspires the confidence of dealers and employees. Compared to television in the rural market, cinema ensures deeper penetration & wider coverage as an Audio - Visual Medium.