Availability of cinema for screening Ad. film's/Slides are subjected to change if Manager/Proprietor not available, space not available, Cinema closed, Govt. tax problem, Management dispute, Slide/Film Projector out of order or Cinema under Renovation.

Inspection Procedure

We provide with inspection passes (Specimen Enclosed) which are meant for checking of Ad. film/Slide as per the scheduled dates & name of the theater mentioned on the pass. Passes provided are strictly meant for viewing of Ad. film/slide & not the main feature film.

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Lead Period

We require 2-3 days lead period for arranging Ad. film/Slide campaigns in any of the Metro/Major Cities from the date of the  receipt of release instructions along with the films/slides. For towns/cinemas Below one Lack POP. Strata we require 7-8 days for arranging ad films/slide campaigns.

Operational System

Our operational system is to depute our well trained & experienced field staff personally to handover the slides/prints (ad. film's) and make payment in advance confirming the screenings on the enclosed confirmation format followed by a screening certificate within 45 to 60 days of the screening's getting over only for film screenings affixing the cinema rubber stamp & signed by the concerned authorized person. For slide exhibition as a special case we can provide with Confirmation (Exhibition Certificate) duly stamped & signed by the cinema Manager/Proprietor.

Commencement of Campaigns

Film campaign commence on Friday of each week in all states except Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh States where screening  commence on Monday of  each week. Slide campaigns can be commenced from any day of the week i.e. from Monday to Saturday.


Slides/Ad. Film, if not screened by any of the cinemas scheduled as per the dates mentioned , should be reported with following details in writing within 7 working days [Specimen of checking report format enclosed ] from the date of complaint (i.e. non - exhibition in the Cinema hall).
a) Schedule time of the show &the exact time when the checker had entered in the cinema hall.
b) Date & Show timing (i.e. 3 p.m. or 6 p.m. or 9 p.m.)
c) Whom did he meet i.e. Manager/Booking Clerk/Operator/Proprietor in case of non  exhibition of Slides/Ad. Films.
d) Reason for non-exhibition if any & the  outcome of the discussion he had with anyone of the above.
e) Whether the checking was done with the inspection pass produced to the cinema Management or by purchasing a ticket (Counterfoil Xerox to be submitted).
f) Name of the main movie being screened on the date of checking.
g) if all the above details are not given, the non-exhibition complaint will not be entertained.