Options In Off Screen Advertising:

Standees/Cutouts/Pillar Branding

A cut out consist of a flex or vinyl which is mounted on a stand in the case of standee they can be placed at prominent locations and can be moved as per the requirement of the client. An other advantage of this form of branding is that it can take any form and thus lends itself for creative and innovation. This is an innovative and attractive branding option that is very effective in areas that are well lit. This form of branding gives one the opportunity to be present in creative shapes and forms.

Kiosk/Promoter Based Activity:
This is the most effective way to communicate your brand to the target group. The focus of a promoter based activity is interaction. Interaction enables one get a firsthand feel of the market. Besides this it also communicates to the target group that they are special and that the brand cares for them. A human touch to the campaign is always an advantage. Besides this research shows that any interactive based activity generates more brand recall than any other form of communication.



Distribution or Sampling:
As the name suggest this consists of distribution of fliers or products. It can be done either through the ticket booking counter or by a promoter. Sampling is known to be very effective as it enables the consumer experience the essence of the products.

Product Display:

The purpose of advertising is to communicate to the audience. The more the medium used the more effective the communication. Thus displaying the product enables one get a better experience of the product could be displayed in a showcase or may be kept for display in an open area.


A translate consist of a flex or a vinyl on which light is projected. Translites are of two types: Front lit: Here light is projected from the front. Backlit: Here light is projected from the back This form of branding enhances visibility and generates top of the mind brand recall.

Seat Branding:

This refers to the process of branding a seat in the auditorium. The branding could be done directly on the seats or on a cover. Branding this form of attracts the attention of the client for a prolonged period of time.


A dangler is a rather novel form of visual merchandising. It is advisable to use such form of visual merchandising if the objective of the promotion is to create a festive like ambiance.